Cd shows directory contents


Why does ‘cd /usr’ show the directory content? I just want to go to /usr without seeing the content everytime. Where is this behaviour set?


What do you mean? Is this happening in the terminal, can you give me a screenshot please.


Nothing fancy to see. Whenever I do a cd (dir) I always get an overview (in wide view) and than the second line of the prompt is normal ->

It should not list the directory content. It should list the name of the dir on the first line and that’s it. I checked the aliases but nothing to see there. I’ve never experienced this kind of cd’ing :wink:


I would have said there is an alias too. Weird behavior otherwise.
You are sure there is nothing in your bashrc ?
Or maybe a simlynk to a custom script that call the cd then ls ?


Hmm. Ah yes I see on my test laptop. It is something to do with the zsh theme. I don’t use this theme so I am just working it out.


Okay got it. Head to ~/.zsh/settings/ and open funcs.zsh.

Just remove the section called “better ls and cd”.

Restart your terminal.


Thanks. That did the trick. In bash and zsh.


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Thank you. So many forums. So many different rules. But this one is rather nice and easy.