CBL-Mariner: a distribution by Microsoft

Microsoft have their own Linux distribution:

The installation is command-line only (it’s for Cloud developers) but the system is very light indeed, more so than vanilla Arch Linux.

It’s pretty solid in respect of security too: CBL-Mariner/security-features.md at 1.0 · microsoft/CBL-Mariner · GitHub

Documentation here: CBL-Mariner/README.md at 1.0 · microsoft/CBL-Mariner · GitHub

Download link for v1.0: https://osrelease.download.prss.microsoft.com/pr/download/Mariner-1.0-x86_64.iso

Checksum instructions: CBL-Mariner/README.md at 64d4ba4f60aab5ad37bd37625c2b1fb5cf79f47f · microsoft/CBL-Mariner · GitHub

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Interesting. Will have to give it a try.

The 3E’s are in full motion.


It’s for their azure platform. It’s ultra shit. I just ended a contract supporting it


Good to know. It saves me some time.