Cava crash

Last night their was an update for cava 0.8.1-1 but the install error out. This morning a new update cava 0.8.1-2
Which installed fine, but now cava crashing on opening.

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Thanks I seen this late night.

This was last nights error.
./ line 14: xxd: command not found ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

But today there was a conflict on installing the update. So like a dick I said yes to remove. I bloody never copied the conflict message.

My error was not the same as this (xxd-standalone and vim are in conflict (xxd)

Is their a way to find the conflict error from this morning something like paru log. Thanks

i just installed cava 0.8.1-2 and it works fine here

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Slap me with a dead fish. I just reinstall cava and it works. Thanks

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Lmao yep that’s me.

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Sorry to bore you with this.
I had to completely remove cava paru -Rns cava then reinstall. But one thing for me anyway, the default config from AL won’t run which I don’t use. My config works fine.