Catch Up and Talk Metal on Discord

Anyone wanting to catch up and talk Metal on Discord I created a server.

‘It’s dead Jim’

The more the merrier.

Might have a look later on, get out to work , maybe when coming back later today.

Good idea, not much up to date like I used to be when younger & no internet to be kept updated like we are now, but looks like fun.

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The invite link seems to be invalid, can there be an updated one posted?

I killed it off, we went for literal months with no one participating.

Ah, Fair enough. Guess ill settle in here.

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In that case, welcome to the forum.

You bet, guess that some members like metal here. Welcome.

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I like Metal @altman

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Lol, you bet @Dobbie03 !

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@Dobbie03 even though the link is invalid, Is it still open for invites?

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Nah it’s dead mate. Sorry.