Casual user learning OB

Hi all,
As a total newbie i accidentally deleted Windows 3.10 trying to upgrade to 3.11 on my first computer, a 486sx25. A mistake that cost me a fortune! After that i went to OS/2, then Mac, and finally found the first of many GNU/Linux distros i liked. With every “new” computer i get, windows lasts only a few hours at most. Sometimes i never boot it at all. So if i had a moniker it would be “deleting windows since 1997.”

I’m a fan of Arch and Gentoo derivatives; i like rolling release and bleeding edge. Seldom do i have issues i don’t create myself, and when i do that’s what the separate /home partition and data backups are for. Before it became my main desktop, i tried Linux when the install threatened to blow up my monitor if i made the wrong graphics choice, then if all went well eventually put me in a giant X window void where i was totally lost. Man it has come a long way! I’ve only actually installed Arch once (took me hours), and have yet to attempt a pure Gentoo install. So i very much appreciate the work folks like yourselves do to make these distros accessible to the rest of us!

I used xfce for years until thunar went buggy and i didn’t know how to switch to pcmanfm like most did at that time. So i went to mate. That’s what i use as my goto. I don’t care for the bells and whistles of kde or gnome 3. My half dozen or so key programs are gtk so those that are qt-only like redcore leave me out. But i follow this guy “DistroTube” on YouTube for his reviews of new releases. He keeps preaching how great openbox is so eventually i had to try it. I found that simply installing OB under my chosen distro left me too minimal and a bit lost, whereas something like Archman is a bit over the top. ArchLabs gives me enough to start with and use, but also tools to gradually learn and configure the way i want. So here i am learning OB with ArchLabs!



Hey Bill! Welcome! Interesting back story, good to see you here.

Welcome Bill

The AL is irresistible …:sunglasses:



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