Cant startx


I just installed archlabs and then rebooted the system. After entering my username and password I was greeted to the screen velow. But I cant seem to login pls help. I have tried startx and everything to no result. Please help.

What window manager did you select during the install?

What - if any - is the error message after you tried startx?

Openbox is the window manager.

Did you pick openbox or xfce?

The above you say openbox but it’s clearly trying to start xfce4.

What is the output from

which openbox
which xfce4-session

To install xfce run

pacman -S xfce4 xfce4-goodies

To install openbox run

pacman -S openbox obconf

Did you actually pick one to have installed, perhaps something just went wrong when installing the packages

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We’ve had the problem before frankly, I’ll begin searching for it. @mrneilypops was who directed me to the solution.

Hang in there

** I’m searching… @natemaia it was regarding the 2018.07.26 testing iso. I can’t find what I’m looking for but remember this distinctly

**Edit 2 found what I was searching for (unfortunately not sure if it will help here)
check here

Sorry man, see below

@Karan35 If it was me… Reinstall by selecting either openbox or xfce and once in x, install another.

Had a simular experience while testing the release but in my case, I tried installing cinnamon and three WM.

If you plan on installing multiple wm or de’s, select lightdm when prompted by the installer (for your convenience).

I selected openbox as wm and xfce as terminal option.

But I only selected openbox when asked about wm and xfce4 when asked about terminal. Then I was presented with option of either xinit or lightdm so I selected xinit. That’s it.

So what to do now??

It worked. I put xfce4 commands and it booted. Thanks BTW can I opt for openbox over installed xfce4?

Awesome, apologies for the issue during install I’ll look into it.

Yes of course, edit your ~/.xinitrc

# change this line
exec startxfce4

# to this
exec openbox-session

Then log out and when logging in and run startx openbox will run (make sure you have it installed with the commands I posted before).

Watch out. That’s a slippery slope towards i3.

It sure is. I installed ArchLabs with openbox but after an hour or so working in it I found out that I can no longer get used to using windows. I reinstalled my backup and am happely working in my i3 install. It has a learning curve but it sure is worth it! (imho)

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