Can't install on 2 drives anymore

I tried to install the New ISO on my main laptop which has 2 drives, I usually use one for / and the other for /home. It took some getting used to on installer in the past but I got it. Now I can’t make it happen at all… any ideas?

Hey Tim, sorry to hear the issue.

This is still totally possible so my best suggestion is to make sure the installer is updated by running
pacman -Syyu a couple times in the live session. There have been a few hot-fixes since the initial release yesterday and the iso has also been updated since.

When you go through the mounting section, after choosing swap or not, you should get the option to mount additional partitions to where you want, just pick the one you use for home, when prompted for a mountpoint enter /home, that should be all.

Lemme know if the issue is fixed


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Thanks @natemaia , all is well in the world again. Worked just fine this time around.