Can't install, black screen

Hello everyone,
Just registered here, would appreciate your help. So, i have this pretty old laptop ( acer aspire one d270, which has intel gma3600 video chip ). I was using archlabs for some time a while ago ( i guess when it was called archlabs 5.0 ) and then i went distro hoping. Yesterday decided to take a look what changed here and saw that 2018.07 release and decided to install it. The thing is that aftet those lines of code , i see this short text login screen aaand… thats it. Nothing happens next, it’s just black screen. Would appreciate any help.
Edit: forgot to say, checked the usb with installation on my other pc, works fine. So im guessing there’s a problem with drivers or something

I would try to install again with AL2018/05 version, it worked on my end, on an old laptop. Wonder if it can work on yours.

Post your inxi results from terminal, might help without having to reinstall.

Someone in the know might help you out.

Right now i have manjaro installed and the inxi output is:
CPU: Dual Core Intel Atom N2600 (-MT MCP-) speed/min/max: 599/600/1600 MHz
Kernel: 4.14.57-1-MANJARO x86_64 Up: 28m Mem: 996.2/1985.7 MiB (50.2%)
Storage: 298.09 GiB (3.2% used) Procs: 132 Shell: bash 4.4.23 inxi: 3.0.18
Wondering if someone have this problem with 2018.07 release. Right now i can’t try out 2018.05 but will do it tomorrow. If somebody have an idea what could the problem be i would appreciate your advice.

I would wait a little bit & see if some members can help you out.

Seems like the graphics chip provided with the n2600 is not supported by the open source drivers available as it is a powerVR chip.

See here for a simple google search, and see here for a possible solution, though it may differ depending on what distro they natively support likely ubuntu so there is very possibly a solution available in the AUR or official repos.

Hope this provides some help, cheers

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I can’t do anything, it’s just black screen

Even after hitting CTRL-ALT-F2? This should allow you to get to tty1.

Nope, it just reboot

My bad CTRL-ALT-F2 is what you’re to try. Sorry about that. If you get a black screen, and this will sound strange, but then put in your username enter then your root password enter. We’ll then see if we can get you into tty1. I hate auto correct!

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I doubt it in this case but I remember actually doing that before @sevenday4. Fingers crossed for ya @greeneye :slight_smile:

Please post from terminal results from inxi -G , Might gave some additional info.

Edit: Added stuff:

From Archlinux, hope it can be of any help to you.

I’m just trying to see if it works, you never know @anon37345411. I had a similar situation, although my GPU card as well as my Intel graphics driver does work with the linux updates. This is a stab in the dark, no pun intended, to see if @greeneye may get something. My machine is pretty old but fortunately, at least for the moment, it still able to handle the latest linux kernel. @greeneye may have to reinstall .05 or earlier versions and hope for the best.

Okay, it’s been a busy day. I’ve just checked ctrl alt f2, gives nothing, still black screen, entering user and password doesnt help either. Went to the al site to download 2018 05, but apparently previous releases are no longer stored ( it is said to email some of the devs to get a copy of previois release ). Not sure if i want to do that. Rn i have manjaro i3 installed and it’s working well for this old laptop. But it’s just this distro (al i mean), cheked the live iso on my another pc and i really loved it (plus, i’ve been using it before). Guess i can wait for new releases, maybe this problem will be fixed. Thank you guys for your time, you all seem very nice here.


Thx for the comeback mate.