Cant click

Hello guys.

I have just installed archlabs. But I cant click the update option nor the temperature thing. How to enable them?

Does anyone know the problem?

Click on the polybar?

The conky window may be preventing that; try it without conky running. Or, the polybar configuration may have an error in it. You can check the modules.conf file in ~/.config/polybar and verify what commands are supposed to be run when you click on the polybar.

Did you try left and right clicks? I know when I had the module loaded that I kept using the wrong click lol

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@Karan35 - did you install from the latest release?

I just checked, there doesn’t appear to be any clickable actions with the new polybar configurations.

There is no problem, the functionality has been removed from our default configs now that we no longer include a default terminal emulator. See the polybar wiki regarding the action tag %{A} below.

If you would like click actions for custom modules read the wiki and apply them where you like using your preferred terminal emulator. He’s an excerpt from our old modules.conf for the pkg module

type = custom/script
exec =
exec-if = "ping -q -w 2 -c 1 > /dev/null"
label = %{A1:termite -e "sudo pacman -Syyu" & disown:} %{A3:termite -e "sudo pacman -Syyu" & disown:}%output%%{A} %{A}
tail = true

If you want the whole config simply go back in the skel repo history and grab an old copy


Thx for that @natemaia , wasn t aware of that, just upgraded couple days back but had my Terminals installed already.

Good thing to know.

Older installs will be unaffected by this and any other changes to the configs, even if you have the packages installed they only handle files in /etc/skel which are copied to the users /home when created.

Thx @natemaia , glad to know.