Can't apply settings

Hello everyone. Fantastic distro!!

I’ve just installed and i’m using bspwm.
When i open Settings Manager i can’t apply changes.
I change something, for example disable touchpad and the settings don’t apply. There’s no ‘Apply’ button.

Is there another way to apply?

It applies as soon as you change it. There is no separate APPLY button. Disabling touchpad works for me.

I thought so. I’ve reinstalled the whole thing and the settings never change, and it’s not just the touchpad settings. Every single one.
I’ve reformatted and installed everything again and the problem remains. I change everything in settings and when i open it, all the settings remain exactly the same they were before.

Hello @pintas and welcome to the forum, which version did you installed? The current one or the testing iso?

Hi. Thanks.
I’m using current version 2018.05.

Greetings @pintas and thanks for your patience :slight_smile: 2018.05 was a release which has caused a few problems for a minority of us here. There is a new testing iso available and with that in mind, if you’d be willing to give it a go, it may be an easy fix for your issue but please keep in mind it is still considered testing.

2018.07 Testing iso

Please read release notes by @natemaia prior to downloading. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Hi @pintas, please accept my apologies, but I missed your reply to my question.
I am at work and I am logging on & off all the time.
I fully support the suggestin from @anon37345411 ; follow the notes and give it a go.
I have been using it for over 2 weeks and not a single problem.

Thank you both @anon37345411 and @pippo.
I’ll download and try it as soon as i get home.

Btw, i wrote a review in distrowatch. I had my own distro a few years ago and i fell in love with Archlabs. Thank you guys for it! :slight_smile:

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You have my attention, Sir…unless is a secret?

To use xfce setting in any window manager you need to have the daemon running

xfsettingsd & 

Check with

pgrep xfsettingsd

What distro did you own if I may ask? I am kinda intrigued. And welcome to Archlabs!

Protech. A security distro. I stopped working on it because i didn’t have time and i wanted to switch to Arch or LFS.

Ah, there it is. :slight_smile: