Cannot upgrade Archlabs

Hi All,
I tried to upgrade my existing Archlabs Linux to the latest build. Unfortunately, I could not do it because the system asked that there was a conflict between archlabs-i3-color and archlabs-screenlock are in conflict and asked if archlabs-screenlock needs to be removed. No matter what I selected (Y/n), the window would close itself, and I cannot proceed. I have shared my screenshot of the message here:


Would greatly appreciate your advice as to how to overcome this and proceed with installation.

Arindam Basu

Have you got a better screenshot to post?

:-), Hi @Dobbie03, I made the screenshot using scrot (I am a really novice scrot user as you can see), but I think I have solved the problem. I removed the archlabs-screenlock and then yay (because there was another confiict with the dependency on pacman 5.1 versus the installed pacman 5.2.0.
It now downloads the packages and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the upgrade will go as expected.
Thanks a million for responding so fast!

Arin Basu

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Good work sorting it out.

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