Cannot Load / Install

On loading the latest Archlabs ISO I’m greeted with a failure to load into the normal installer. It’s trying to mount, waits 30 seconds for /dev/disk/by-label/AL202302 … says the device didn’t sohw up after 30 seconds. falls back to interactive prompt. And tells me I could fix it and logout when im finished. and says cannot access tty: job control turned off…

I have no clue how to get around this…

Also says i’m “rootfs”

I’ve managed to get around this and installed archlabs however I’m on a terminal still

Hi and Welcome, by any chance you check your download of the iso against the checksum?
Did you select a DM to install and or any packages?


Ah shoot I may have missed installing a DM as it didn’t provide me an option, is there one you would suggest? if so, how do I go about installing one. Would I need to reinstall archlabs?

First of all I would checksum the ISO you downloaded, it should of booted without error.
You booting from USB or a VM?

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I did checksum the ISO, the problem was. Is that I was using ventoy and didn’t boot as grub. I booted as another option and it bricked it, but ran fine. I’m sure it gave me a option somewhere for a DM but I guess I missed it or something.

So do you know If I’m going to have to reinstall to get a DM errr can I install one some other way

Sudo pacman -S and whatever desktop you want to use