Cannot install aurman

Since Dobbie suggested i use aurman in another thread, i revisited this topic online. Apparently yaourt is not currently active, and may have security issues. So i tried to get aurman from sourceforge, github, and terminal using yaourt. In every case i get a pgp signature error and it cannot install.

Any ideas?

Most of this will need to be done as root, aside from using makepkg

First clean your cache

pacman -Scc

Then just refresh the keyring

pacman-key --init
pacman-key --populate archlinux
pacman-key --populate archlabs

Then update the database and any packages available

pacman -Syyu

Now you should be able to install our aurman package

pacman -S archlabs-aurman

If this fails you can always install yourself by getting the AUR PKGBUILD from here

Then build the package and install it with

cd /dir/with/PKGBUILD


# use the produced package name, here aurman-.17-1 is an example
pacman -U aurman-2.17.tar.xz