Cannot complete install on new Samsung SSD

Hi all. Some history: Over the past year or so I’ve successfully installed AL on several laptops differing in model and configuration with only minor issues. They all had traditional hard drives. A recent used laptop came with my first ever ssd- an older Crucial model. Again i installed AL with the only issue being some slashes and weird lines at startup before the proper text appeared. Now i was hooked on SSDs. I had planned on Crucial but everything online said Samsung was the way to go. So i now have 2 Samsung EVO 500gb SSD drives on my 2 favorite laptops.

The HP Elitebook 2570p now freezes at the aforementioned slashes and weird lines at booting the AL install USB. My Dell Latitude e6230 gets through the initial setup (using discard, noatime, both, and neither) but halts upon reboot with alot of file not found errors. It drops into an emergency shell, but i am unable to type there or do a screenshot. Both use other Linux distros just fine, and my AL USB installs fine on a third laptop with mechanical HD.

I read in another ssd thread to change the option from ACHI to compatible, but my Dell has only Disabled, ATA, ACHI, and RAID On. It is set to the latter.

Until recently i have avoided Samsung as their products, however popular with others, do not seem to “like” me. Any advice, pointers, relevant urls, etc much appreciated! Using my one day off work trying to get this sorted. Thanks much!

P.S.- all are set to uefi-only mode.

@billd Is this one of your “error Screens”?

Than you have to wait for the new release that coming soon or that:

and read this:

Ya if you get those errors then its probably not your ssd a lot of people are getting these errors. I have the same problem and ssd, but I don’t think the ssd is culprit.

Yes! That’s the issue with the Latitude e6230! Thanks so much!

I appreciate the heads up on a new release coming soon! After reading the original thread that includes the pic you posted, it sounds like many of those problems were caused by mbr. Mine are all set to uefi and gpt. The same usb installed AL fine on this machine a couple months ago. The only thing i have changed is replacing a mechanical drive with an ssd. It also installed fine today on a Latitude e6440, uefi, gpt, mechanical drive. Weird.

Working hard on a new release. Just figuring out shit with grub. Not long now.


Speaking of grub, wonder if this might work, I know it saved my ass several times in the past:

Edit: I usually use Rescatux;

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question stupid, have you tried to disable secure boot from the settings of your hp?
And to install it with secure boot disabled?
I have a ho and I installed everything on ssd external samsung, even if it is not an evo.

I wouldn’t bother looking into this much further. We should have a new release out before week end.


Always on my to do list whenever i get another laptop-
test for functionality
upgrade bios if needed
del Win*
remove webcam
set bios to uefi-only with secure boot off
install gnu/linux choices

Thanks tho!

You’re right Dobbie. No worries :smiley:

Release might happen sooner than you think :wink:

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