Cannot boot due to drives that don’t exist

Everything was going fine until today where Archlabs refuses to boot due to a dependency failure on two drives I had reformatted months ago.

I tried to access the terminal from boot to see of I could remove them from fstab but ctrl + alt + F2-10 didnt work so I’m out of options.

Everything should be up to date.

Thank you in advance

External drives?

The installation media is fully functional cli environment. You can boot with that to mount the root partition and edit the fstab or chroot in and edit it. Whichever you prefer.

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Thank you for the welcome! Unfortunately I removed the drives from fstab and it just hangs here now

It was an nvidia driver issue. Once I did a clean reinstall it booted right up. Thanks again for the help!


Glad that you fixed it @Nemoomen .

Welcome aboard !

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