Can someone this is correct please - Conky - vnstat

I’m setting up a new conky config to show the daily, weekly and monthly download stats.

Can someone please check the following to confirm it is correct

${font Roboto Condensed:pixelsize=10}Today: ${execi 300 vnstat -i en01 | grep "today" | awk '{print $8" "substr ($9, 1, 1)}'} 
${font Roboto Condensed:pixelsize=10}Yesterday: ${execi 300 vnstat -i eno1 | grep "yesterday" | awk '{print $8" "substr ($9, 1, 1)}'} 
${font Roboto Condensed:pixelsize=10}Week: ${execi 300 vnstat -i eno1 -w | grep "current week" | awk '{print $9" "substr ($10, 1, 1)}'}
${font Roboto Condensed:pixelsize=10}Month: ${execi 300 vnstat -i eno1 -m | grep "`date +"%b '%y"`" | awk '{print $9" "substr ($10, 1, 1)}'}

I have not long enable vnstat so I am not sure if it can look at historical usage or not, but a confirmation would ne nice if possible.

Just remember to change the ethernet name to yours.

Solved from here:

Glad that you fixed it @Dobbie03

Might help other members also !

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