Can someone give me a Archlabs Cinnamon DE screenshot?

I just want to know how it look, Can’t find something on google.

Pardon if wrong category.

It’s stock cinnamon without any changes, just like Arch.

So I need to fully customize it? since it is not somehow customized out-of-the-box?

You don’t need to customize it cinnamon is already a fairly nice looking DE, however if you want a custom setup then yes you will have to do it.

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Good luck, have fun!!

Did you get Cinnamon up and running? If you did can you share a scrot here please :slight_smile:

I chose to run Openbox instead. since its pretty much looks good out-of-the-box.

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Good Call my friend.



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I’ve got openbox, dwm & cinnamon installed and if you’ve got the hardware for it, try out cinnamon. The default setup once installed from Arch is ugly as hell but play around and you’ll be surprised :slight_smile:

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.