Can not configure any mail client!

Hi guys!

My “New Year” install went well with dkwm, dwm and openbox.
I usually go with Thunderbird but this time it would not accept my credentials. I tried several times after removing and reinstalling (and removing mail folder etc) and then I got tired of it and tried several other mail clients. (claws, sylpheed, geary …) but it was the same with all of them!

I have never had any problems with this before!

Does anyone know a good way to troubleshoot? Could not find much about that on the net!

How do you do with mail/clients? Any recommendations?


What email provider are you using?

I personally just access the online inbox rather than use a desktop client.


Still not working? You may have just happened to pick a time when the service was down or your provider was doing some maintenance.

What, if any, were the error messages?

If you have another computer where the email is working, you can get the server and port information from that one and configure your email manually on the other one.


Always review the suggested transport configuration from the provider. Sometimes they do change. Case in point, Network Solutions seems to often change the setup/cert/etc.


Guess that s the -cli type that you mean @womp !

Wonder if you had your credentials corrupted or whatever it s called.

Thanks for answering guys!
I have AL on 4 computers and the oldest install (from last New Year) I have a working e-mail. (it is exactly the same configuration there but it works!)
Thunderbird says “wrong passwd or user credentials” (and the log says the same).
Geary just hangs.

Thunderbird is too big for my needs and I will take this opportunity to find someting smaller (and faster).
Anyone using mutt pine/alpine ?


What is your email service provider? You may need to change your profile to allow the email client to connect. Some service agreements do change from time to time, especially now it’s the beginning of a new year. :grinning:

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Neomutt here

Hi again! I got it working! I went with geary. Never tried geary before and itś much lighter than thunderbird. It must have been stop temporary! .

I am using one of the oldest ISP:s in Sweden. Bahnhof + Bahnhof-vpn ( They are not one of the “flashy” big companies with Tv-commercalials! They seem to have a second interest besides earning money: Peoples privacy!

Is neomutt difficult to setup?


mutt/neomutt ArchWiki

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Neomutt/Mutt can be complex depending on your needs/wants.
It certainly is not as easy as some of the clients you mentioned above.
That being said, once you have it to where you want it - it makes a difficult choice to go back to a graphical mail client.