Can I use flattr to support ArchLabs?

I use flattr ( ) to support a few sites I visit regularly. I would like to give some of that to ArchLabs, do you accept flattrs? I dunno if it is a big time investment or anything for you, but anyhow, there is a few dollars waiting for you in flattrs.

Thank you for the offer and not wanting to appear ungrateful but we are already set up at Patreon. If you’d still like to donate you can do that here

Hey, what the hell, I can use patreon :slight_smile: great work! This is the perfect linux distro, and you guys are so nice and friendly. And I can see that you have good music taste!

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Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Yup, Metal and ArchLabs seem to go together well!

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…and beer but don’t tell my wife lol

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Beer goes well with everything.