Can I switch to Plasma

Hi Everyone,

I installed the xfce DE but now I am thinking I would like to try plasma out.

Am I better off re-installing or can I add the plasma-desktop and just choose at login.

If I can, what do I need to install.

EDIT: Could I load the USB - mount my partition and just use that part of the installer to add Plasma ?

Thanks in advance Zeb…

Hi zeb and welcome back to AL forum, I’m a follower of Destination Linux, a great show by the way.
To answer to your question: of course you can install plasma by:

sudo pacman -S plasma # this include all plasma group 42 packages


sudo pacman -S plasma-meta # 103 packages

you can follow the ArchWiki about it as long ArchLabs is pure Arch underneath.
I have not so long installed it on an Arch vbox machine and I was nicely impressed for an out-of-the-box plasma installation. And of course you can switch from DE in the login-manager (display-manager) but don’t activate two of them on boot due the possible conflict.

Have a good time here :wink:

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Wonderful, Thank You

I even read to change the Login managers. I must be learning :grin:

Regards Zeb…

By the way you will not benefit of AL settings with plasma as long AL doesn’t have scripts or configurations files for it, if I remember well :roll_eyes: You will have to do it yourself but forums are made for help :grin:

ArchLabs on sourceforge

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It will be fun learning

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Good answer!