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Hi AL.
Maybe I am in then wrong category here but …
I am looking for something “Calenderish”. I realize that I am very oldfashioned and so far I have used a paper-Calender for appointments, rehersals and concerts. Now I have lost my third one this year and I think I need to go digital. Is there an opensource Calender (or such) that is multi-platform?


Calendar applications in Arch repos.

Remind is a pretty popular text based calendar application.

The pantheon calendar looks pretty good, but a lot of dependencies.


I am using a nextcloud-based calendar that syncs between my laptop (Lightning for Thunderbird), Android phone (Calendar app from FDroid) and web-accessible platform (nextcloud). This works perfectly for me and I can literally access it from anywhere, with or without my own devices.


+1 for lightning. The thunderbird one is great and suits me well.

look here too

Idid muck about with some of these for a while, but returned to tb.

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Calcurse It`s in the official repos.


Hi AL!
I will have a look at all of your suggestions! It’s time for a change!
Thank you all!

Installed, will try it out in a near future @subjunkie

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