Buzzing sound after last kernel* update **partially solved**

reproducable with different set of speakers

headphone jack being used

buzz/humm stops when and sound output is produced via mpd,web browser, mpv, or pavucontrol gui is opened , no buzz as long as any of these remain open/play

buzz resumes after about 8 seconds of closing any of the previous listed programs

volume of buzz is unaffected by changing master,headphone,pcm levels in alsamixer

mic and mic boost are unselected and zero’d in alsamixer

loopback is disabled in alsamixer, if changed to either enabled or back to disabled the same 8 second delay occurs before the buzz resumes

the start or resumption of the buzz is preceeded by pop sound

any ideas on what to tinker with at this point?

What kernel worked for you and what kernel are you using now?

2018-02-07 20:07] [ALPM] upgraded linux (4.14.15-1 -> 4.15.1-2)

2018-02-07 18:04] [ALPM] upgraded libao (1.2.2-1 -> 1.2.2-2)

was also updated

So I have tried downgrading both listed above with no results, Perhaps something else. to me it seems like something is starting after the delay, like a mic setting somehow. I’m not sure if there is a way to check what might be starting and resulting in the buzz, or perhaps shutting down after the 8 seconds. A systemd log perhaps? I suppose I could reinstall, but everyting else is tweaked just right dangit.

Observing htop, as long as “/usr/bin/pulseaudio --daemonize=no” is using cpu%, ie like when pavucontol or mpd is running, no buzz. Buzz resumes after the cpu% returns to 0.

well sort of a “fix”. The box I put togethor is with a AsRock DeskMini Barebones System mini stx; which has only one port to plug my speakers into which is the headphone jack on the front. I also use a samsung tv on hdmi as my display. This setup was fine until my last update as described above. The samsung also has a jack/port on the back which seems to work fine with no hum. I just had to change the configuration on pavucontrol to hdmi and plug the speakers into the tv. I’m sure there is likely a real fix for using the headphone jack on the box for buzzlessness at idle, but i’m lacking motivation to go any further down that rabbit hole for now. Apparently front headphone jacks can have this issue, It is just odd it started when it did.

anyway hope this post might help others in need of a quick fix.

Hi FluffyUnicorn, this is a head scratcher. But I am getting suspicious as to whether it is a hardware problem and not software. You have tried different cords and headphones, but what if it is the jack? Sometimes if it’s loose, it would vibrate minutely causing humming and other annoying noises. Also check to see if you have a loose connection from plug to your motherboard. I will continue thinking on this and see if come up with any more ideas for you. :thinking:

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Yeah I am starting to think that too, Its a fairly small box that the motherboard came preinstalled on. In retrospect this new setup looks better as I dont have a cord coming off the front of the box. So after a day or so of thinking about it, I like this better. Perhaps the hardware issue just happened to start at the same time as the update, but kind of a stretch, but what else? It sounds good and has no idle buzz at the moment. Its a HTPC box mainly and I decided to try a pentium 3.7ghz processor 2x4gb memory build…fairly inexpensive. Very snappy so far, Wayyyyyy better than the irulu tablet i was using. I’ll check it out next time I poke around inside the box. much obliged sir.

Hi FluffyUnicorn, I am glad you got a new machine, maybe some day if the motherboard allows, you could bump up the CPU to something more recent. So it sounds like you have a good foundation for a decent linux box. 8GB of RAM is excellent. How large is the HDD? Is this going to be a single OS machine or multiple? Good grief, listen to me, I sound like a little kid with a new toy and it’s not even mine!Lol :smile: I hope you enjoy your new rig and that you get set up to your liking sir, God bless.

I only have a 250GB SSD internal HD as a 1TB external USB is used for music, video and pics and so on. This box is used primarily as a HTPC for streaming. The intel pentium is a g4620 and so far has been more than adequate for this purpose. I was trying to keep the $$ at a minimum but still have an SSD HD. So the g4620 is 3.7 ghz for about $90 on amazon whilst an I3 is 3.9 ghz for about $115 at the moment.

I followed as a guide/starting point for anyone interested.

No dual boot as I didn’t want to buy windows for this box. Thanks for the interest, my wife goes all glassy eyed when I babble of such things.

Mine too! In fact she calls my machine my second wife! Lol. She hates electronics and yet I have a smart phone, a tablet, and a computer. God help her. :joy::rofl::rofl::joy: