Hey Fellas,

Two questions…if you used bumblebee status…did you install from AUR or just pull with Git?
I’ve tried both and get an error… I am using the example config … Just to make sure I’m not screwing it up…

bar {
font pango:Inconsolata 10
position top
tray_output none
status_command ~/.i3/bumblebee-status/bumblebee-status -m nic disk:home load cpu memory battery date time pasink pasource dnf -p interval=2.5 time.format="%H:%M CW %V" date.format="%a, %b %d %Y" home.path=/home -t solarized-powerline

Any insight would be great…or maybe a shared config I can test out… thanks.


That needs to be one line, so you’ll need to add " \ " at the end of those lines or remove the Return.

mine -

status_command /usr/bin/bumblebee-status -m uptime cpu load datetime -p time.format="%k:%M" date.format="%A %e %b" datetime.format="%A %e %b %k:%M" -t greyish-powerline

and verify the path to bumblebee-status is correct.


What is the error message on the i3 bar?

I’m using bumblebee-ststus on Void so this may not apply, but some of themes appear to be broken and result in an error. You can try changing the theme.


change the path of bumblebee-status

~/.i3/bumblebee-status/bumblebee-status, unless you explicitely symlinked or make a copy in that location.