Build & Maintain Help Across Desktops

I have begun a series of publications (tutorials) on creating & using tools to access and remember keybindings, get help, etc. across multiple ‘diverse’ desktops. I hope the series is distro agnostic… it is supposed to be that way. Anyway, I will update this post with new items as I publish them on the eirenicon site.

btw. this is all part & parcel of my bspwm & hlwm journey. Best thought of as the "Road to … " starring Bob Hope & Bing Crosby. :partying_face:


Wow, loads of knowledge @manyroads . Top job in there.

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Thank you @altman you are most kind… I do like using keyboard driven desktops. It’s just that my remembry needs a ‘boost’. :wink:

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lol, no problem my friend.

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Here is the second post in my series with code, guidance, etc. included.
Part2 of Build & Maintain Help Across Distinct Linux Desktops:

Hard @ work again @manyroads .

Top job in there.

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