Budgie Desktop doesn't like the default Archlabs .xprofile

Hello Archlabs users!

A default Archlabs install doesn’t work with budgie-desktop unless you remove the gnome keyring lines from .xprofile file.

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Thanks for the heads up, though I don’t consider this a bug. We don’t yet support budgie via installation so it’s up to the user, however we are planning on adding it in the future at which point we’ll need to look into changing this like we have for ksuperkey and cinnamon/gnome/plasma.


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Oh, Budgie is also coming? Great stuff!

Quick fix:

[ $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP != Budgie:GNOME ] && gnome-keyring-daemon --start -components=pkcs11 &

^ That will allow you to keep the gnome-keyring-daemon line in ~/.xprofile, it won’t be run for the Budgie desktop.

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