Btrfs support?

just wondering… if there is, or there will be on the future.

ArchLabs is based on Arch, so it will have btrfs support once you install the package.

btrfs-progs, I think. I need to install them as well.

So I need to complete the installation first before I can install it?
There’s no option for it when setting up the OS.

No sure. You may be able to install btrfs-progs before starting the installer. Wasn’t critical for me so I didn’t abort the install to give it a try. But even if you could, I don’t know if btrfs would show up in the installation menus.

Edit - just checked, you can use pacman to install btrfs-progs from the command line before running the installer.

Thanks, but I think I’ll stay with ext4 for a while.