BTRFS errors

Hi guys,

I’m pretty new to using btrfs and one of my arch installs has been getting btrfs errors. Crops up occasionally (and possibly more frequently) while running a wayland session (hyprland). The wayland session will crash, dropping me be to the prompt as shown in the image.

Do these errors mean my sdd is on the way out?

Probably a kernel parameter issue (grub). From my memory, those comreset errors. You’re getting to the GUI, then you stall with a BTRFS error. Likely, not a drive issue.

Try a different kernel, or roll it back at the grub prompt if you’re using BTRFS with the rollback feature. Otherwise, do a search for comreset errors.

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Shot in the blue…

Check your fstab. In the sidu forum btrfs errors have been reported lately by




(if this entry exists in arch).


Good point, ran into this before.


hmmm - interesting. Thanks for your comments guys. In the meantime I swapped the ssd to another PC and it’s been running without issue for >18hrs . . .
. . . I’ll continue having a play around as time permits.

Placed here for reference . . . maybe/maybe not related.


Up 1 day, 7 hrs, 35m with no issues. I guess it’s something in the box…

For info. This was installed with the latest Archlinux iso and installed with the included archinstall script. The btrfs partitions created all had space_cache=v2 set in /etc/fstab

I bet it’ll behave itself when I swap the SSD back … :stuck_out_tongue:

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[UPDATE} Problem appears to have been dodgy ram. Running 2.5days now without issue.