Bspwm rules question

Hi all!

I am fiddling with bspwm.
I am trying to figure out why rules don´t apply to some apps.

bspc rule --add Pcmanfm                     state=floating

works but

bspc rule -add  Pamac-manager state=floating


The lack of docs and changes in syntax for configuration makes bspwm a guessing game.


post your bspwmrc file

Typo? I think it’s either:

bspwm rule --add [application]

like you have for Pcmanfm, or:

bspwm rule -a [application]

Also, use xprop to verify the correct class name for Pamac-manager.


“Oops! I did it again”

Why do I do this stupid mistakes!!?
It was a typo again!!
Sorry for disturbing!!


Just a small one!

–add and -a has the same meaning?


No worrres.

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As @chroot staed, no worries, if 1 doesn t do thing he doesn t make mistakes.

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Yes, for rule commands; from the bspwm man page:

-a, --add (<class_name>|*)[:(<instance_name>|*)[:(<name>|*)]]

In my bspwmrc:

bspc rule -a Firefox desktop='^3' follow=on state=tiled

Firefox opens on desktop 3, switch to desktop 3 when it opens, and firefox is tiled.

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Yes. That is very handy indeed. I have almost the same for Firefox (but on desktop 2).

Vacation is coming up in a few weeks. And this year I am going to travel. Travel through window-managers! (with the purpose to find a favorite)

I realize that I need to have bspwm man page in reach.

Thanks @PackRat !!