Bspwm and Polybar

I have never gotten Polybar to function or look good but I try again.

I went to polybar github and got it up and running but only manually through terminal.
Did some edits to the launch script but for some reason I could not get it to start with bspwm.
I have also tried a couple of other launch scripts I found when searching this problem. Did not get those to work either.

Then I did a search here. Found this: Polybar install - #10 by natemaia
and tried to follow but came to the conclusion that the link must be too old right? Script is looking for “master.conf” and when not found it looks in /root/.config/polybar.
I have seen some really beautiful polybars here so now I know that it can look really nice.
Is there an updated AL-polybar configuration?


Believe it’s replaced by tint2 bar in AL.

Ok understand.
Tint2 is great but it “nags” me that I cant get polybar to work properly!


Follow instructions below, it’s easy to set up.

Thanks! I got it working! Now I will see what I can “tear down” here!


You just didn’t follow my guide correctly

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My only question is the modules, I have the cpu, temp, RAM, and volume modules, along with the jgmenu and desktop switchers, but the two scripts copied to the bin folder aren’t in the bar, and there are a few I see in the modules conf that aren’t in the bar as well. I commented out the applets in the .xprofile config, the volume and network ones as they showed up in full screen vids, and the polybar system tray has the volume adjustment in there anyway.

I have done a bit of polybar in the past with other distros (one that shall not be named lulz), and I kinda got burnt out on tweaking them, and the AL config is very straightforward, I like how it’s uniform across all the WM’s where they can apply. I even use it in i3, it very nice.

Not everything in the modules file was used for every WM (or any for some), many just for examples. They need to be added to a given bar in the config. The scripts are there to avoid using a tray for network and volume, they just need to be setup correctly in the config. I don’t really have time to dive into details right now but Im quite sure they work still (and likely for a long time).

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Copy that, I just use network manager anyway, so I am all good here.