Bsp-layout, more layouts for Bspwm

Hello there, as bspwm users we sometimes feel frustrated about the layouts possibilities, but it is not without counting on clever little ones who know how to script things.
I discovered this little project in the AUR: bsp-layout.
Here 's a screenshot to illustrate three layouts in addition to monocle and tiled.
Layouts names are: even, wide & tall followed by the desired workspace.

bsp-layout set even 4, bsp-layout set wide 7, bsp-layout set tall 10

I noticed some weird screen things if you set bspc config automatic_scheme spiral so I change to “alternate” and it looks fine now.
In your bspwmrc:

bsp-layout set wide 4
bsp-layout set tall 7
bsp-layout set even 10


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Yet another great share. Thanks @archus