Broke My Internet Connection - Can't Find a Fix

Post the output.

You should see something like, “enpxxxx” or “ethx”, that’s your wired interface.

He is typing from his phone. :grinning:

I found an old laptop that I now have conntected to the internet :slight_smile:

Did you try to unplug and plug the ethernet cable on the PC?

There is nothing like that in the 4 numbered blocks of output.

Yes a couple of times.

Use a USB drive to get the output from the PC and post it here.

If you’re using NetworkManager, from a terminal (or console) you can run:


that will bring up an ncurses based application you can use to activate the connection.

That came up as you described. I selected “Wired Connection 1” and then Activate. The Activate button then turned to Deactivate. Still no internet connection.

I have a wifi router and the panel that came up is showing a wi-fi connection available but i can’t seem to toggle to it.

What do you see in “nmtui->Edit Connection->Wired connection”? What’s the device name? “Available to all users” checked?

Profile name Wired Connection 1
Device enp0s20f0u3 (80:3F:5D:0D:13:B9)

Available to all users is checked (as is Automatically Connect)

So you do have a wired interface configured. You should have already seen it in “ip a”. You may need to check the logs to figure out why it can not be activated.

From cmd line, type,

$sudo journalctl -f

and try to activate the interface. It may give you some clues.

OK but I am deeply suspicious that this is another broken package in the upgrades I installed this morning.

Leave it with me for this evening. I have a downgrade utility installed somewhere and my pacman cache has not been cleared so I should be able to downgrade to the status quo ante as of yesterday.

Thank you for spending this much time on this; I am very grateful for your help.

NP, good luck.

Thanks. I do have the downgrade utility installed (from the last time a couple of months ago when the python upgrades broke something). However man downgrade only shows how to downgrade a single package and not a group of unrelated packages simultaneously.

I could do them manually one at a time but I would need to know which packages were upgraded on Feb 11-2022. I will have to use the local pacman cache and not the Arch Archive (obviously) because I don’t have internet.

Just my 2 cents on where to look: since you are using SDDM does that mean you’re also using KDE? If so I guess it’s related to the 5.24 update of Plasma that hit the repos yesterday. That update included the new version of KDE Gear as well, if I am correct the 2112 version.
Second : should you have switched to any other than the standard kernel then remove the r8168 package and reboot. I had this issue once when switching to the zen kernel. Installed works fine, but switching broke it. An Arch issue btw, I found this solution on the EndeavourOS forum, so it has nothing to do with Archlabs.

Nope but there are kde bits and pieces in the system. There appear to have been some recent qt5 updates that referenced kde.

See my previous post. If I could figure out how to use downgrade to do multiple packages at once or if I could identity which packages were upgraded on Feb11-2022 I could downgrade each of them manually. As I recall now there weren’t that many of them yesterday.

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