Broadcom drivers

Currently I am running Bunsenlab Helium. Last week I download Archlabs and was impressed in Virtualbox.
When installing from usb found that I am unable connect to wifi. I don’t have access to cable.

  • So I can stick with debian bunsenlab which supports wifi from start.
  • Choose Manjaro openbox box which has got drivers as well as.
  • Buy me a new laptop.
  • Or hope and really hope that archlab as many others include broadcom drivers inside of it’s distro.

Let’s hope for one or the other.

The future is bright.

Thanks :grinning:

I would start by posting your hardware, hard to say like that mate.

In terminal

pinxi -N or inxi -N

I use pinxi on my side.Someone might give you a hand from there.

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Sounds like you need the broadcom b43 driver?

Yep, guess AL 18.05 came with it. Had no isuue installing. Wonder if the latest version got dropped somehow.

Hardware acer 5743
Network controller: Broadcom Limited BCM43225

archlabs-2018.06.iso without drivers
archlabs-2018.05.1.iso without drivers

archlabs-2018.05.iso got drivers

Thanks for your prompt reply :grinning:

Hope they will bring it back on next releases.