Brightness freeze

Changing brightness on my laptop causes ArchLabs to freeze , being able only to move the cursor and then I have to force shutdown. Also, when trying to see which graphics card it currently runs , the terminal just doesn’t do anything (lspci -vnn | grep VGA -A 12). Does this happen because of a faulty graphics driver? And what can I do to fix this?:thinking::thinking::thinking:

EDIT : everytime when opening terminal , neofetch displays only half of hardware information (fails to display GPU info)
Laptop specs (not complete list):
GTX 1050
I7 - 7700k

Hello, sorry to hear you’re having an issue

Have you installed GPU drivers?

yes , I went ahead and installed nvidia 390 and nvidia-settings packages ,now at boot i have black screen :frowning:

Which kernel are you running?

I’m having the same backlight issue on my laptop running lts kernel, though mine doesnt freeze, the backlight just doesnt work

Linux ArchLabs 4.15.5-1-ARCH

If you can get past grub and still boot then you can likely get to a tty with Ctrl+Alt+F2 or any function key from F1-F7

Then you can remove the nvidia packages previously installed so you can boot into Xorg again

I’m not entirely sure what happened but if you are getting blackscreen then the wrong packages were installed or other required packages are missing

I dont have a 10 series card to do testing with myself, however I do know that others havent had issues with them so far

Is the machine a desktop with only one GPU or is there integrated graphics being used as well?

One other note, after removing the LTS kernel and nvidia drivers on my laptop
(optimus so mixed GPUs), the backlight now works again so I’m not sure if something is up with nvidia drivers right now

it also have the integrated intel 630 alongside the nvidia card ,also tnx for tip I can boot once again .

EDIT : I don’t know if this helps but if you boot up and start the terminal immediately, neofetch seems to detect the nvidia and intel card

This is what you see everytime you open terminal and you must ctrl+c to enter commands:

I see, are you using both at once for seperate monitors or do you just mean that the 7700K does have integrated graphics?

If using both together I believe this may be the cause of the issue

Assuming the above, is there a reason to not run both from the same GPU

I meant that 7700K has its own integrated graphics , I do not use separate monitors .

My other solution/attempt would be to check what drivers are installed (intel, etc.) and remove them

Also, if you are somewhat famiiar with your BIOS, do you know if you are able to disable the integrated GPU?

Gotcha, I kinda assumed this tbh

This is a desktop were talking about correct?

Nope, laptop . Checking for installed drivers right now.

Ugh , when trying to display information about drivers the terminal won’t display anything , just a blinking cursor.

Ok, this very well might change things, as it is most likely an optimus system and using both GPUs in tandem

I would try using our driver setup utility to simplify things, open a terminal and run


Select option 3 for optimus laptops

You can do the same manually by installing nvidia, nvidia-settings, and bumblebee. Then running

systemctl enable bumblebeed.service

I cant really say if this is actually the fix or not as most of my testing with optimus systems has worked better when just using the open source drivers, however it’s certainly worth a shot

Wait , this actually solved some problems

“Failed to enable unit: Unit file bumblebeed.service does not exist”

Good to hear at least some positive, if for whatever reason you need to revert what it did, running option 4 will do just this

Nevermind :frowning: , didn’t change anything…

I have a nvidia geforce 8400 gs on my computer. I have to use a legacy driver nvidia-340xx, nvidia-340xx-utils, and lib32-nvidia-340xx-utils in order to get my display to work properly. Did you go to the nvidia website to see what driver you would need in order for your GPU to be controlled in linux? Also, are you able to choose which controller will drive your display?