Brazil is here too! \o/

Hello, how are you!

One more exploring ArchLabs
I’m Brazilian and newbie with OpenBox, the forum is very beautiful and organized, congratulations!

Of course I already have some doubts but it is not yet time to post, first I will get better acquainted with the forum environment and seek information.

Once again parabesn all for the project!
All the best!

(sorry, the translator is complicated! hahaha …)

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Welcome from New Zealand.

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Seja bem vindo,!

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Welcome here Bra71lian, warm welcome for You!

Thanks for the kind words, if You have any problem with Openbox don’t hesitate to ask it here :blush:

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Thank you so much guys!

My first experience with Linux was in 2005 but always as a secondary system, but I had to drop the soft owner soon. :sunglasses:

1 Like, Greetings and welcome to the lab. I’ve always wanted to visit Brazil… One day maybe :grin:

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You can come, I do not know what your region or country is but here the coast is unique!
No use commenting … hahaha are many details and the good thing is to see closely.

And thank you so much !!