Brave Proxy settings

There is some proxy settings that prevent Brave from opening … I had some issue in Firefox but could change it withing Firefox itself. Brave doesn’t seem to have such an ability.

Was wondering if anyone else has run into this and if they had any idea how to remedy.


I just tried Vivaldi and same issue.

Is it about opening the website or the service itself? I guess the latter?

So I got this figured out, I actually had to whitelist the site on my network. I don’t know why though. I never had issues on my Windows machine sitting on the same network.

This makes me wonder is it something Windows is or isn’t doing? Is there something Linux is or isn’t doing?

Very weird, but working non the less.

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I use fastmail but the address is not .com

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Where did you whitelist it, in your router?

I have an eero mesh system. Everything is done through an app. But to answer your question, there is an allowed sites under the Security settings

This is so bad, I figured out the true issue. It still was the network. But this machine I am using I swiped from the kids. Its MAC address was in the content filtering pool for the kids which did not allow social media for the kids. I figured it out once I had trouble with Discord and Twitter also…lol