Boot does not go beyond "status accounts service"

Hi all I installed Archlabs on an Acer Aspire one computer of only 2G RAM. After installation, the boot stops at the “Status Acconuts Service” line. Where did I go wrong? Can a solution be found?

Hi @sao. What Acer Aspire One model do you have?

I would post output from this command in terminal;

inxi -Fxz

Might help .

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Aspire One D270-26Ckk CPU Intel Atom N2600 1.60 GHz

I reinstalled several times. During the installation it signaled ERROR b43-Firmware and broadcom-wl impossible to satisfy the dependency.

I would try to remove b43-Firmware and broadcom-wl , update system , then reinstall these 2 packages @sao .

Would be easier if you post results from the pos I did above concerning hardware.

Edit: rephrased 1st paragraph

I can not even get to the desktop startup. How can I remove and reinstall packages?

@sao I’ve been reading this:

It may be helpful.

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Thank you.
I will read the wiki page and see what I can do.

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I would check this page regarding steps for that specific laptop under Arch

Hope there’s something useful in there for you, lemme know.


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Have a look there @sao

Will help concerning on how to bypass the dm .