I don’t know, never sailed with one either!
Never sailed a smack - not easy to get an invite and I was always blatting around on a shortboard or cherub when I lived there as a teenager :slight_smile:
Once I was on a 50th b’day weekend on a Thames barge but that’s spritsail and it was so windy the skipper only put sail up as we were all sailors, no topsails required.
I do know the smacks haul the whole topsail up with its own topsail yard and jackyard.
Various ways of doing it, according to John Leather ( a ‘colnesider’ with loads of great books) in his Gaff Rig handbook
The Northseamen is a great book of his Northseamen Story Fishermen Yachtsmen by John Leather, First Edition - AbeBooks


Brave, yards and jackyards.

The NY70 YANKEE sailing with her jackyard topsail set. From the Library of Congress, LC-DIG-det-4a15407.

Yes, of course many ways of doing it. Here’s raising a topsail without yards.

Here’s a shot of the sheet running down the gaff (at 0:33)

Give me a simple Marconi rig.


Me too, or even an even simpler windsurfer rig :smiley:

Pre dawn Sunday Morn, back on my mooring
Finally got to the boat on the weekend
worked her right up river, along a very narrow unmarked winding channel in the middle of the wide shallow river
Got to end right at high water just for an extra thrill of the fear of failure :joy:
(my ETAP 22 has a raising keel, and sailed up there with it down , wind forward of beam so not much choice, so not totally silly tho)


Your posts make me ‘homesick’. I miss my Wild Duck. 34’ centerboard keel. Sloop rig; long boom, running back stays.

got any pictures?

Was ‘Wild Duck’ the name or the ‘class’?

Like this?
Oh, just seen that is only 19’
Nice tho

Yankee is so beautiful!

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The name. Hull shape like the 12 meter boats; built for speed. Lots of canvas, lots of ballast. Center board dividing the main cabin in half.

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Went for an overnighter at Lake Tarawera


That looks so cool!
Inspires me to do more sailing
any more photos of your Farr?

sounds lovely, a one off?
No sailing at all near you?

No, not a one off, but the first overnighter in this boat. We are 5 minutes drive from yhe ocean, but too many motorboats.

The lakes are nice to sail on.

That was a reply to @eight_bit_al :smiley:

This was to you:
That looks so cool!
Inspires me to do more sailing
any more photos of your Farr?

He’s back! The genuine Viking! Even as a total non-boater I love this guy and his amazing videos. NBJS: No Bullshit, Just Sailing. Enjoy


Contessa 35!
I am holed up with Covid - am going to enjoy watching this!


Take care man! Wishing you a swift recovery! Erik Anderaa has got some other really great video’s about his adventures , that’ll get you through some hours.


Cheers - already on the way out of it, worst symptom is EXTREME grumpiness :rofl:
Liked the first one, I just wanna get out on mine now.
Erik the Viking - eating his mum’s salad :+1:

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Keep it on @leigh Get well soon mate !

Bet that I must have caught covid 100 years back as I m always extremely grumpy !