Blur Lock Screen

So I’m using i3 now and getting everything set. I would like to use the lock screen to go on maybe after 5 or 10 minutes of idle.

I like the blur lock that shows the circle in the middle of the screen as you type the password. Would anyone be able to find it in their heart to guide me in getting this going?

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You could do something like this:

exec --no-startup-id xautolock -time 10 -locker blurlock

This would activate in 10 minutes.

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This go under auto started applications?

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Sure. But make sure you have both xautolock and blurlock installed. You should also bindkeys to blurlock that way if you leave your machine you can activate immediately with a keystroke.

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i3lock and i3lock-fancy are pre-installed.

I believe it’s i3lock-fancy that has the blurred screen with the ring counter (confirmed). Not sure how to set it up (Arch Wiki maybe), but I think it takes the same arguments as i3lock so so you can check the i3lock man page.

You can set that up in the ~/.config/i3/config file. There will be some other autostarted applications there you can use for reference.

The i3lock-fancy author has a custom systemd unit file on her github page:

Description=Lock the screen automatically after a timeout

ExecStart=/usr/bin/xautolock -time 5 -locker /usr/bin/i3lock-fancy -detectsleep


^ Replace “meskarune” with the actual user name then save the file to ~/.local/share/systemd/user/i3lock-fancy.service then run systemctl enable --user --now i3lock-fancy (needs xautolock).

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