Blueman Bluetooth manager gui not opening up

Hey guys, I’v been using for a few months now and its so amazing. I just had a small issue that is with the bluetooth manager. I had it since the beginning but since I dint use it much it was never a problem. But now I have to use it. Right now im using sudo bluetoothctland its kind of messy to do it each time.

Is this an application you want to start without needing root privileges, or a sysyemd service you need to enable?

Have you tried starting it from a terminal window to see if any searchable error messages are returned?

I think the systemd journal should also record any error messages, this will “follow” new entries as they are written:

journalctl -f
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Iv used it earlier, i mean in other distros but I think i never used any Root privileges.

I get a Quick screen to enable Bluetooth. Once I do it nothing happens but the Bluetooth turns on.

OK, I’m working blind here (I don’t use bluetooth) but perhaps a graphical polkit authentication agent is needed.

Not sure if ArchLabs already has one of those but here is the relevant ArchWiki page:

As an example, for the mate-polkit package, add this line to the desktop autostart file:

/usr/lib/mate-polkit/polkit-mate-authentication-agent-1 &

Adapt this for whichever authentication agent is installed.

To check for any installed agents use

pacman -Qs polkit

Also, it would be much easier for us if you copy&pasted the jounal contents (using a markdown code block) rather than posting a picture of the text, thanks!

I can’t speak for blueman, I just use bluetoothctl and set up auto connection and audio switching for pulse detailed here and here

Try trusting the device when first connecting

Now make bluetoothctl trust your Bluetooth headset by running trust 00:1D:43:6D:03:26 inside the bluetoothctl console to prevent errors similar to:

bluetoothd[487]: Authentication attempt without agent
bluetoothd[487]: Access denied: org.bluez.Error.Rejected

I’m just guessing here due to the Operation not permitted error in your screen above.