Blockit Adblocker

Check this out people, uising it with Surf now and it seems to be working like a dream.


That s good news for Surf users, Thx for sharing @Dobbie03

Interesting. I think I need to check out Surf. I cant seem to pull myself away from Firefox/Librewolf.

I found Surf to be slow for my liking, Qutebrowser makes me happy enough and has implemented Brave’s adblocking library which works with excellence. When QB is not enough, I fall back to Brave.

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I just love these little gems that we find. Makes Linux more dynamic then one might think


I use hblock, to block adds, which is part of the aur. Hblock is provided with systemd hblock.service or hblock.timer. It updates the /etc/hosts file.
It is possible to include a steven black hosts file of preference in hblock.
Most important is, it is webbrowser independent.


Thanks for sharing! I never rally caught on to the whole hosts files blocking format. Mainly because it just seemed to much of a PITA to keep up with. Yes, I know there are mechanisms that can be employed to ease the maintaining of this but just felt like too much overhead to deal with. I love the ease of ublock origin but until that can work with qutebrowser, I’m somewhat tied to a Firefox based browser - in my case, LibreWolf.

I should just breakdown and actually give something like this a shot.

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I threw this together a few years back and updated it a year back to work with systemd.


Top work @sammiev