BlackArch in ArchLabs?


I’m trying to setup a BlackArch + Archlabs mix. I need some pentesting tools and Blackarch is a very decent option to install on top of Archlabs, and it mostly works, but the menus are a bit too confusing.

Anyone tried it? Is there a way to organize Jgmenu like BlackArch menu? If i could find an editor, i’d be very happy.


Hey there

The config for jgmenu is in ~/.config/jgmenurc/


Oh thanks.
I figured it out.
I installed xfce4-panel and only use the whiskersmenu button for a panel that i place next to my polybar. Then i used Blackmate to generate a xfce menu for Blackarch entries.
If i were to edit all the entries by hand, it would take too long. There are nearly 2000 apps in Blackarch.


Glad that yo figured it out ! 2000, a little bit too much right !


It takes time to setup a decent Arch box, but to configure 2000 app entries by hand is a little too much for me :grin:


lol, you bet !


That would be a nightmare.


Two thousand? Oh no, if I haven’t used something in the span of a couple days… I get rid of it.

2000? Wow!


I’m actually in the phase of testing everything and i also tend to remove what i won’t use.
My set of tools for pentesting is around twenty, so i’ll have to filter a few :slight_smile:


Wonder if you would have been better just install those instead of removing around 2000 apps ! But you wouldn t have had the xfce apps also to make for a clean install as you done.


I usually just have those particular tools installed, but i need to keep myself updated, so i need to test new tools.
I’ll just do a clean install after i selected my favorite tools and forget about that xfce menu :slight_smile:


Sounds good to me. A good way to keep one install up to date.