Black Screen With Cursor After Installing nVidia Drivers

Hello everyone! I made the switch to ArchLabs after getting fed up after finding out the amount of privacy related stuff in windows 10. Anyways, I cannot seem to get the nVidia drivers for my GeForce GTX 1060 installed. Whenever I try to install and reboot, the X server refuses to start. This results in me having to manually remove them. Does anyone know of a fix to get them installed. I need them to play games in Wine.

Hello @JonQuan

Is the computer a laptop or desktop?

Are you installing the current nvidia driver package nvidia (not nvidia-3XX.XX or similar)?

You also will need the package nvidia-utils
Another package you probably want is nvidia-settings, it’s a graphical way to configure your driver/xorg.

Once installed it’s generally a good idea to generate an xorg config with the following command

sudo nvidia-xconfig

It should only output a small message letting you know the file was created at /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Once done you should be able to restart xorg or reboot the machine.

Do you reach a graphical desktop?

What is likely happening is two drivers are trying to be loaded for the same gpu, the non-free nvidia drivers and the open-source nouveau driver. A simple solution to this should be to remove the package xf86-video-nouveau using the following

sudo pacman -Rs xf86-video-nouveau

Again try a reboot and see if you reach a graphical interface.

Lemme know what works or doesn’t

Cheers and welcome to the forum

I am using a desktop with an nVidia GTX 1060 3gb. I have followed your steps but a black screen still. I found a x server config and may have found the issue. It says “NVIDIA: Failed to instalize the NVIDIA kernal module” than says that it can’t find any monitors

You should post the full file and it’s complete name and location to avoid any confusion.

Have you tried disabling kernel mode setting?

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