Black screen just at login screen

Gpu: GT 710
Current Driver Version : 470.86

So as the title says I’m getting a black screen at the login, right now I’m login through tty but i still have the same issue no matter the Display manager I use, but everything is fine after i login, the issue begin after i installed the nvidia drivers.
Let me now what logs could be usefull or if I could give more infromation about my system.
And sorry for my poor english.

Try uninstalling the nvidia drivers an use the open source ones, reboot. If you need to get to a console ctrl+alt+f2 should get you to one so you can log in.

So after uninstalling the Nvidia driver, I get an corgi error saying that no screens were found, and the logs to give any other information, am I missing something?

Uh oh!
I hate Nvidia. This is one of the reasons.

Have a read through here man, Nouveau - ArchWiki, Can you reach another TTY?

Is this a fresh install? Also this Reddit thread may help:

Apologies, I shouldn’t have replied initially. I’m worried I gave you bung information, though they are what I have seen suggested elsewhere.

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I have a box which has GT710. Driver 470.63 runs fine. Not sure if 470.86 introduced problems. Try to downgrade.

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As this is a fresh install I can’t downgrade form cache, so I tried editing the PKGBUILD for the 470.63.01 version, after trying to install I couldn’t see anything on my desktop, but I still could input commands in the terminal.
Did I do something wrong?

Sorry for the late reply, after following the solution in the reddit post I was able to fix the nouveau problem.

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Please mark it as solved & the solution as it can help other members with this issue.

Glad that you fixed it @ThaylorLT

Edit; By the way your English s pretty good to me. Have a great one !

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Glad to see I didn’t completely fuck it up for you.

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If there is someone to blame is Nvidia and their shitty drivers.

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Yep, as NVidia & Linux aren t the best of friends.

… and the only thing that compares to that is the me and the wife.

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lol, good one @sammiev

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All my machines have Nvidia cards. Everything runs fine except the wayland support which I don’t feel it’s an immediate need.

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That s cool @chroot

Did it went fine at installs or you had to fiddle a bit in order to have it run properly !