BL Beryllium MX 21 b2

If you like BunsenLabs Openbox, this may be of interest.

FWIW: I followed the BL instructions for Beryllium update ( and installed it with MXLinux 21 beta2 rather than Debian Bullseye. Everything seems to work fine on my test machine. There are just a few items you ought to be aware of if you want to try this.

  1. Setup MXLinux 21 b2 to run systemd as your default. This is to minimize any systemd dependencies that BL might have. I am assuming you don’t want to fight those; I don’t.
  2. You do NOT need to add the Bullseye repo to MX21; it is setup with your original install.
  3. Follow the rest of the BL instructions and things should work fine.

Remember, like with all of my work, I am able to provide the following assurance(s):

==> It is almost certainly going to work until it breaks; although I have to admit it may never work and that would be sad.
==> When/if it does break, you may keep all of the pieces.
==> If you find my materials helpful, both you & I will be happy, at least for a little while.
==> My advice is worth every penny you paid for it!


Nice work again @manyroads

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I am still on 19 and Lithium, with Liquorix and non systemd. I haven’t seen any official Beryllium update from BL yet. The current setup is stable, no real issues. I am gonna wait until both distros get out of beta.

@drummer As for MX D_O says that beta2 will roll into the release (so it is good to use). From the thread on BL it looks like Beryllium is not a huge change from Lithium. It seems like it will just be a repointing to the official revised ‘final’ BL repo. Famous last words. :innocent:

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I suppose I could just edit the apt list to Beryllium, like I have for Lithium when the repo is updated. I might go with the MX “base” ISO that doesn’t carry all the packages that the main one does. Or go AntiX lulz, once that updates out of beta.

I like MX, I just hate Plasma and XFCE.

As with most distros removing KDE or xfce is pretty easy. However, BL uses xfce as its base so MX is actually a good fit. FWIW The new MX only carries a single DE. Thus xfce, flux, and kde all come on their own installset.

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