Bitbucket readme layout (string)


The readme on Bitbucket under layout (string) change the workspace window layout.
Is missing the super + u = tstack, I use this all the time.

I would profer to use move with arrow keys like i3

bindsym $mod+Shift+Left move left
bindsym $mod+Shift+Down move down
bindsym $mod+Shift+Up move up
bindsym $mod+Shift+Right move right

Thanks for dk


The tstack layout isn’t really a fully supported layout and mostly there as an example for people wanting to add more layouts, so it isn’t in the manpage or readme info.

As for the movement, you can totally setup something like this but dk isn’t like i3, there is no concept of left/right movement for tiled windows. Something like this should work (only up/down will work for tiled windows)

# move window, signed (+/-) for relative changes
alt + shift + {Left,Down,Up,Right}
	dkcmd win resize {x=-20,y=+20,y=-20,x=+20}

Thanks for replying nate

# move window, signed (+/-) for relative changes
alt + shift + {Left,Down,Up,Right}
	dkcmd win resize {x=-20,y=+20,y=-20,x=+20}

This is basically the same as below, I don’t want to resize nor move workspaces from left & right as the below already does this, I just to move from vertical to horizontal workspaces and back again it makes it easier when editing long lines of code or text.

# move the active window up/down the stack ### Testing ###
super + {Left,Right,Down,Up}
	dkcmd win mvstack {left,right,down,up}

The below is alll I want to do this is why I use Tstack. I’m happy with Tshack it works fine for now.

# change active workspace layout
super + {t,u}
	dkcmd set layout {tile,tstack}

Thanks for dk

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Nice install @KoO . Props @natemaia

I see what you mean but note that mvstack doesn’t move floating windows