Best wishes to all


Today is the American Thanksgiving, my Wife and I would like to wish all our American friends a joyful and safe holiday.

More importantly, we’d like to extend our best wishes to our ArchLab’s extended family where ever you may be and sincerely hope for health, prosperity and happiness for you and your family in the best traditions of your own country during the World’s holiday seasons.



Happy Thanx Giving to you Glenn & other southern noubers.


@altman Thanks man :slight_smile:


No problem.


All my best to you two. Have a good one!
And to @PackRat & @sevenday4 + anyone else I can’t think of (sorry)


Thank you @pippo :slight_smile:


Thank you @pippo. You have a very great day yourself. :grinning:


@Glenn, my man, I hope that you and yours has an great Thanksgiving as well. And that goes for you all who are celebrating this day. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


@sevenday4 Thank you Guy. Love and the best to you and your family my friend :slight_smile:


I’m about to go back to the table again! Oops, there goes my figure! I complain to my wife that she is a great cook and that it’s her fault that I am going to loose my figure, again! Of course this is tongue in cheek. :grin:


I’m not American. ( nobody is perfect ) :rofl:

Really though, Happy Thanksgiving to all the good folks south of Canada! :wink:


Here, here Glenn!

To all here, the best, peace and stay safe.
To the ArchLab team; to show my appreciation, I am now a Patreon.
Thank you for all the hard work!



@chris60601 & @anon2716996 Thank you fellas :slight_smile:

I hear ya :stuck_out_tongue: but crapped out early last night. Up and cooking breakfast for everyone now. No one seemingly wants to get up… Gonna start banging pots and pans soon :grin:


Hopefully, they don’t have a gun near them, You may end up getting shot! :joy:
Gonna start banging pots and pans soon :grin: