Best distro ever!

Hello, fellow ArchLabs users. I would like to thank you for having me in your community, and I like to say that ArchLabs Linux, is the best Linux Distro I ever used! - (Have used many!)
It’s minimalistic but functioning perfectly!
Congratulations to everyone involved in the project!


Welcome aboard !

Yep, it’s really good :slight_smile:
Welcome @buttros!

@buttros Glad you like it (not taking credits, I am not involved in the project). Welcome again!

Glad you’re here and hope you have fun.

Be very welcome!! :blush:

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Glad you liked it mate :slight_smile: How is it better than other distributions may I know as I am interested?

Well @anon37670755 I like it’s minimal design, the fact that it does not need too much resources to run, it’s fast and the interface is very polished. I haven’t found a combination of all these things in any other distribution. It is certainly
better than bunsenlabs, which is it’s closest relative. I also like that it is based on Arch Linux.

It does indeed.

I thought Lubuntu would be also lightweight?

What is the advantage of an OS being based on Arch Linux?

Hi @anon37670755, may I ask what is your point? Thanks

Sorry I don’t understand your question, I was asking questions to @buttros, not telling a point to him or something. Sorry I really don’t get what you mean??

Taught it was an intro thread , I would start another thread about these questions basically. My taughts only. Take it or leave it.

Guess Joe s very interested & enthusiast & wants to learns about Linux, AL & such , but it should not be seen as the op has to justify himself on this or that topic. Do loads of readings about Linux & such, a lot to learn mate.


I am not sure about what is the need to point out that there are other lightweight distribution (Lubuntu), I guess we all know that.
Arch Linux has its pro and cons, if your knowledge/use-of-the-OS/personal-taste make you think is the right choice, then ArchLabs offers you the possibility to try Arch without the struggle of installation/set-up yet keeping it lightweight and fast.


I was actually asking. I think I poorly worded it as I should have read his response properly.

Well joe232 Lubuntu is also lightweight but the interface is awful. Arch is a very solid linux distributions with all the latest software compared say with Debian which only distributes stable and not very current software packages.

@anon37670755, fair enough. Thanks for the clarification.
See you around

@buttros Couldn’t agree with you more. I have tried it myself and the start button on your keyboard triggers nothing.

Oh I see, thanks for your help mate.

I thought you could have a conversation over here? Please do correct me if I am wrong.

@anon37670755, No problem mate.

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See you around mate.