Best configuration for compton-openbox for intel graphic or double graphic card

Hi everyone, I wanted to ask about the compton configuration, because in the default installation it is configured with xrender, but in the compton wiki it is recommended to use glx.
As already mentioned in various posts I am not a great performer, so have pity if I say shit.
So there is someone who can give me some information and maybe post their compton .conf with the graphics card he uses.
Ps) if it is not in the right section, I apologize and I ask a moderator to move it to the correct one.

Do you have issues with lag or slow performance while using the xrender backend in compton? Main reason it’s the default, is that glx is not always supported and is very driver dependent. Before I stopped using it I used the xrender backend with vsync disabled, then I set my Nvidia xorg config to use “ForceFullCompositionPipeline” for each screen and it was very smooth with no tearing. These days however I use amd and no need for compositor (though it still works fine). I always recommend using driver level vsync over compton’s because it will always be better and every gpu vendor has it available.

Personally I don’t use a compositor anymore, I find they just make things slower, but I use a tiling wm so it’s not an issue. With stacking wm I find shadows help a lot to differentiate between windows and it’s more necessary.

No, it all works, I was just wondering why going to compton.conf I read that it was better to use glx.
And on github compton everyone uses glx.
That’s why I was wondering if anyone uses different settings.

I need information who starts compton?
Where do I find the application that starts it?
Precisely I want to start compton like this:
compton --backend glx --vsync &
to see the differences

Actually the compton wiki advises using the vsync option provided by your graphics card and only rely on compton as a last resort (the modesetting driver does not have a TearFree option, for example).

From the wiki:


Depends on which release your using, check openbox autostart or ~/.xprofile for al-compositor.

The only reasons to use the glx backend is for additional blur kernels or your driver doesn’t support vsync otherwise xrender will be faster/smoother

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I thank all of you for the honest answers I was looking for.

Seems like things vary from driver to driver.

I have an old laptop from 2010 that uses an AMD HD 4250 gpu and I enabled the radeon driver “TearFree” xorg config option but everything was unbearably slow and laggy with compton running, I switched it to the glx backend and it was smooth again (both times compton vsync set to false)

So I would say try out both and see what feels best.

Thank @natemaia.
As soon as I have time I do tests, but with glx set, it seems to me that compton, is slower than xrender.
But I still need to check more, I added in xorg intelTearFree
but I don’t see any significant improvements.