Bedrock Linux

Has anyone else heard of Bedrock? Seems like such a cool concept.


Never heard about it, looks interesting.

I’m trying to understand the point of it but it is cool to play around with nevertheless.

Yep , as stated in the link, lots of mix & match, wonder if it s a receipee for destruction ! lol

Not if you are careful :smiley:

lol, yep , had my share of destruction with some experiments that went south !

It’s an interesting concept. Just out of curiosity I think I’ll try it. Today I’ve been reading the installer script to see how it works

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Too funky for me. :slight_smile:

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Looks interesting! It is back to work here so i will probably try it when I have time.


Looks like an effort to allow a user to mix repos without borking your system, also avoid going the VM route.

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That makes sense, good explanation.

I can see where it would make some sense if you wanted to add some *buntu ppa’s (thy still have those?) to your Debian system, but using the AUR with your CentOS system seems a bit dicey.

Yeah I can see that LOL! Personally I’d probably only ever install this on a testing laptop.