Because the ArchLabs installer is second to none!

On this brief message i want to say hello to the community and to present the main reasons which brought me here.

I’ve been using Archlinux for many years and also have tried many arch based distros, but a tool like the ArchLabs installer definitely was the piece of the puzzle which i was missing all this time,

But not only the installer, the polished and minimalistic bent of the distro is an achievement in a world of bloated distributions made for the masses.

Just wanna say THANK YOU guys for this great project, and for saving a lot of time with new Arch installs. I trully hope to increase my participation on the forums and contribute with what i can as the time goes.



Hey Beast!

I couldn’t agree more!

… though I’m currently battling with for my laptop :crazy_face:
Which version have you installed? what machine are you using? please tell me more :smiley:

Anyway! Welcome!

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Welcome aboard @Beast

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Thanks for the hospitality @MaximusSeniorem and i’m glad to be part of the community!

Well, i’m using Bspwm on my two machines (T450 and X270), tried another versions but couldn’t find a better fit for myself than bspwm.

What about you?

Thank you sir @altman, it feels good to be here!

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lol, Glad to see you here also @Beast !

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Bet that being Brazilian you must love F1 ! Senna, Piquet to name these 2 great drivers !

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Definitely man, specially Senna was one of the GOAT for sure and still very alive in peoples memories down here in Brazil! I can see you love car racing, who’s your favorite pilot right now?

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Right now ! Don t know, If you don t have the best ride you can t do nothing, not like back in the years when several racers could win unless it rains.

If you like cars/racing, have a look in one of my threads, might be interested.

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There’s some issue with your installation? May need some help?

# If you don t have the best ride you can t do nothing…

That’s so true!! It’s tough to know the caliber of a pilot unless it rains or everybody drives exactly the same car (almost impossible these days).

# If you like cars/racing, have a look in one of my threads, might be interested.

Thanks for let me know man , i’ll check that out for sure!

Remember that one of my uncles s married to a Brazillian woman, small world sometimes right !lol

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@Beast, welcome to the forum man.

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Welcome @Beast!


Glad you like it, welcome to the forum.

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Such a small world for sure man, and i bet your uncle has already falled in love with brazillian food and our beaches too right? Just a guess btw :sunglasses:


Thank you sir @Dobbie03!

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Thank you sir @natemaia , it feels good to be here. Keep up with the great work!

I went to this Brazilian restaurant on my last trip to Australia last year. I love Brazilian food., it was an all you can eat BBQ. Loved the black beans too.


That I don t know, but wouldn t surprises me @Beast ! lol